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Patient’s Role In Periodontal Treatment

Patients Role, Churney Perio

Ultimately your role is most important in periodontal treatment.
No matter how successful the periodontal treatment has been, for maximum results, the patient must accept this role as a “co-therapist”. You must take “ownership” in achieving long-term success.

Step 1
The first responsibility is to eliminate factors that increase susceptibility to periodontal disease. Some of these include smoking, diabetes and excessive use of alcohol.

Step 2
Secondly, it is important to maintain daily plaque control. This is achieved through brushing and using other homecare aids such as floss, interdental brushes and rubber tips. Most periodontal disease begins between the teeth, therefore, we will recommend hygiene aids for your oral hygiene routine.

Step 3
Lastly, you are responsible for scheduling regular periodontal maintenance. The frequency of these visits will be determined by the level of your periodontal health. Most patients with moderate to advanced cases or patients who may be susceptible to periodontal disease should have periodontal maintenance appointments every three to four months for their lifetime. Maintaining this schedule is very important to controlling periodontal disease.

Keep Up to Date
Not sure when you last had an appointment? That’s ok, you can always call Dr. Churney’s Periodontal office and ask. If you haven’t had one recently, then it’s quick and easy to make one that works with your schedule.