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Altered Eruption - "Gummy Smile" Procedure

Altered Eruption / “Gummy Smile” Procedure. Patients sometimes have excessive gum area covering the teeth, which leads to the appearance that the teeth are short.

This condition is often referred to as a “gummy smile”.  With this procedure, Churney Periodontal is able to position tissue to create a more pleasing length and esthetic outcome.

As teeth erupt, the tissue usually pulls back to a level at the enamel and root surface contact point on the tooth.  In many cases the tissue covers the enamel, which leads to the short appearance.  By repositioning the tissue to the correct location, the overall appearance of the smile improves.

Altered Eruption - "Gummy Smile" Procedure Pre Op


  • More pleasing esthetic smile
  • Usually minimal discomfort
  • Extremely happy patient with more balanced and natural smile
Altered Eruption - "Gummy Smile" Procedure Post Op

What to Expect

  • Initial exam
  • Photos
  • Discussion
  • Surgical procedure a second appointment
  • Post-operative visits are usually at 1 week, 3 weeks and 8 week intervals

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