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Churney Periodontal is the first periodontal office on the west coast of Florida to have and to utilize the power of the dental endoscope.

The Benefits:

  • Provides a comfortable, non-surgical, periodontal treatment option
  • Pinpoints unseen deposits under the gum tissue that cause bleeding and inflammation
  • Enables detection of periodontal conditions and other dental problems in earlier, more manageable states
  • Enhances effectiveness of regular periodontal maintenance programs
  • Raises the standard of oral health care by using a new level of visualization to help fight periodontal disease and associated tooth loss.


The Power of Perioscopy:

  • Advanced microscopic video technology enhanced by 20-40x magnification
  • Enables us to diagnosis and treat subgingivally (below the gum line) without surgery
  • Permits non-surgical direct vision of the tooth root to enhance periodontal treatment and reduce the need for surgery

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