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Gingival Grafting

Gingival Grafting Pre Op

Patients of gingival grafting have lost gum tissue levels around teeth, and therefore attachment loss.

The outcome of this procedure can be two-fold. Augmentation of tissue to prevent further movement of tissue, as well as root coverage to cover exposed roots and to level gingival margin.

What to Expect

  • Initial exam
  • Photos
  • Surgical procedure is a second appointment

How Well Does It Work

  • Augmentation procedures have a very high success rate.
  • Root coverage procedures are very successful too but may require a revision procedure to obtain total coverage.

What to Expect After Treatment

Discomfort is always a possibility.  This maybe dependent on the donor area involved with the surgical procedure.  These procedures transplant tissue from one area of the mouth (usually the palate) to another area.  In some cases other donor tissue, not from the palate, can be used to greatly enhance the comfort of the procedure.

Sedative Options

  • Local anesthetic can be used in most cases
  • Optional use of I.V. sedation by may be available for adult patients.


As with any surgery infection and swelling is possible post operatively.

Gingival Grafting Post Op

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