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Regeneration Procedures


Regenerative procedures offer a way to surgically regenerate the supporting structures of the teeth, the bone and gum. In the past resection, or removal, of these structures was completed to control disease. But now, we have the ability to regenerate and regrow supporting structures of the teeth. Multiple materials will be used and not limited to bone graft materials, biologic modifiers and membranes.

Why Is It Done

Instead of resection of affected structures, regeneration procedures attempt to rebuild those lost structures of bone.  In this way, we can increase the support of the tooth and recreate the natural contours and environment.

What to Expect

  • Initial exam
  • Photos
  • Discussion of options with causes

What to Expect After Treatment

These procedures take time and will see patient at multiple intervals after initial surgical procedure.  Regeneration of bone structure can take up to 12 months and at 6 months radiographs are taken to determine success of regenerative procedure.


As with any surgery there is risk.  Post-operative infection is minimal with proper care, but it is very important to follow proper post-operative instructions especially in regards to hygiene.


Regeneration procedures are followed very closely for especially the first 6 months.  At that time a x-ray is taken to confirm the health of the bone graft as before that is too soon to judge.  Following these procedures it is very important to stay with a closely maintained maintenance pattern of 3 months usually alternating between us and your general dentist.

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