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Esthetic Extractions

This procedure is for patients undergoing reconstruction due to a failing tooth.

The removal of the tooth in done in a way that your dentist can restore the area without detection that a tooth is missing.  The benefit of this procedure is that it maintains the ridge shape and size.

Usually this reconstruction procedure is for anterior teeth (can refer to: incisors or canines in either upper or lower jaw), but is not necessarily limited to these teeth.

What to Expect

  • Initial exam
  • Discussion of problem
  • Review options as to materials available for use and how used
  • Some form of provisionalization will be completed by your dentist so that when your tooth is removed, there is something to replace it. 

Sedative Options

  • Usually carried out under local anesthetic
  • Out-patient procedure
  • Can drive home, no additional ride home is necessary

Post-Operative Care

  • Post-operative care similar to any surgical procedure.
  • Specific hygiene instructions.
  • Post-operative medications are given for any discomfort.

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