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Osseous Surgery

Osseous surgery is a surgical procedure to remove diseased tissue and create a more hygienic healthy environment.

This surgery also recontours the bony architecture  surrounding the teeth.

Most patients have already been through initial periodontal therapy at their general dentist office before this procedure is performed. Maintaining disease-free, healthy gingival tissues will require continued maintenance alternating between offices to ensure health.

What To Expect

  • Initial exam
  • Photos
  • Discussion reviewing all options of treatment including etiology/cause of disease,
  • Scheduling
  • Phases of treatment discussed

How Well Does It Work?

Very well, but with todays advances in surgical technique, we look to  additionally regenerate supporting bone and gum rather than resecting them. Our goal with this procedure is to create a maintainable, healthy environment.


All surgical procedures have a level of risk involved, from infection to swelling and other difficulties. The percentage of post-surgical difficulties from Osseous surgery is extremely low.

What to Expect After Treatment

  • Discomfort is always a possibility after any surgical treatment.
  • There should be minimal changes to your day to day routines.
  • Follow-up appointments will be necessary due to the surgical procedures and sutures involved.

Sedative Options

  • Local anesthetic can be used in most cases
  • Optional use of I.V. sedation may be available for adult patients

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