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A frenectomy (also known as a frenulectomy or frenotomy) is the removal of a frenulum, in this case, the thick tissue between the front teeth. The removal of the frenulum allows for teeth to be moved together with orthodontics, as well as aiding in healthier tissue growth next to front teeth without tension.

Whether or not you will ever need a frenectomy is genetically based. Predisposition to this condition is merely a matter of your family history, and is not disease related!

What to Expect

  • Initial exam
  • Photos taken
  • Discussion of cause and effect of problem
  • Separate Surgical appointment
  • Uneventful healing – for school age children usually able to return to school next day following

How Well Does It Work?

  • Incredibly successful at removing tension
  • Allows for healthy tissue growth

What to Expect After Treatment
As with any surgery soreness can be present following the procedure. Minimal changes in everyday life.


  • Minimal risk involved. This procedure is necessary in a number of cases for completion of orthodontic care.

Points to Consider

  • Orthodontic treatment as well as genetic traits for this condition.

Sedative Options

  • Local anesthetic
  • This is an out patient procedure
  • Able to function normally post-surgery
  • Post-operative medications are usually over-the-counter medications


  • No biting into foods until after post-operative visits
  • Post-operative visits consist of 1 week suture removal appointment
  • There will be another follow up appointment 3 weeks after surgery

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